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Dr. Miriam is such an amazing and inspiring Chiropractor. She helped my son get back on track when he injured himself visiting Chicago for a few days. Absolutely wonderful care from her!! Love her!!

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Anne Carr

After a double mastectomy due to breast cancer, Dr. Miriam helped me by showing me additional therapy moves that helped relieve the pain in my shoulders and chest. But I was having difficulty breathing without pain and Dr. Miriam taught me how to breath properly to ease the pain and pressure. I'm not as scared of my next surgery as I know with Dr. Miriam's help, I'll be even stronger than before. THANK YOU!!!!

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Amal Mulhem

After a terrible accident several diagnoses,medications,and years later I was told at 24 the only way to live almost pain free was if I was to undergo a surgery in my hip meant for senior citizens. I started seeing Dr. Miriam Mcparland before making the big decision and just weeks into my treatment I've been off of prescription pills and living without constant daily pain. She's changed my life where it's possible for me to think and feel positive about my body so I can live like a normal 25 year old. The only side effect? A more attractive appearance and weight loss! She made me realize I can take control of my health 100% naturally. I highly recommend her to anyone especially those who have been injured living in daily pain.

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Nahiel Mulhem

I had a severe nick pain for years. And l went to different chiropractors but no improvement at all just waste of time and money. However, I've been going to Dr. Miriam for only a few weeks and have seen a great improvement.

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Jalal Sadi

After a car accident Dr. Miriam helped me to deal with the pain in my neck, back and leg. I'm still on the road to recovery but every day I feel better.

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Hasan Mulhem

After being involved in 2 automobile accidents where I was rear-ended on both occasions my neck and back got progressively worse. I suffered from regular headaches and migraines which were unbearable at times and severe back pain which left me bedridden for more days than I care to remember. My job consists of desk work so I happen to be sitting and typing for most of the day. The back pain and numbness in my right arm made it difficult for me to do my job on most days. I was miserable on many occasions and it took every ounce of strength just to get through a day.

I tried physical therapy on multiple occasions for my back/neck and the pain lessened, but the pain soon surfaced as soon as I stopped. I tried other chiropractors as well which relieved some of the discomfort and finally gave up. After 2 years of getting no treatment, my chronic neck/back pain become a part of my life since August 2008. I had just come to accept that it was going to be a way of life for me. I began to see Dr. McParland and followed her treatment plan and went in for regular adjustments, laser therapy and physical therapy and began to see improvement fairly quickly. I must admit I was skeptic at first and went in with no expectations considering my history.

As of today, January 28th, I have been under her care for 4 months and have more range of motion than I've had prior to my injuries. The best part are my headaches are far and few and I've only had one migraine. My back pain has been reduced by 50% and being at work isn't as painful. I can't stress how much she has helped me and I'm forever grateful. Doing things that I missed (working out and reading) are becoming part of life again so I'm feeling better all the way around. I've also been shedding weight because of being more active and have even started a weight loss program under her care which, by the way, I have lost 10lbs in just only 2 weeks. I can't give her enough praise for helping me get back on track considering I recently turned 46. I'm looking forward to continuing healing with her and leading a healthy lifestyle. I would recommend Dr. McParland to anyone looking to make a change in their life with feeling better physically and emotionally

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Thar Aqel